natural matters: a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics

in january 2011 de culinaire werkplaats was for the 4th time downtown location during amsterdam international fashion week. especially for this occasion marjolein & eric created the project ‘natural matters’ a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics 2012 and beyond…

this project -just like the other fashion week projects: taste the unwearables, wear or where to eat– is a call to pay more attention to sustainability in food & fashion and exposures the vulnerability of the ecosystem.

natural matters consists of 2 activities: meer…


deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

edible 'fashion fabrics' of spinach - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear: a conceptual installation + tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits and herbs.

a project description and slideshow of project deli.wear: meer…


deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

de culinaire werkplaats presents at the dutch design week 2010:


an titillating installation & tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

The food & eating designers Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing of de culinaire werkplaats are specialized in the plate of the future, on which the meat and fish component experience a less prominent position.

With their conceptual and applied food & eating designs the design couple wants to inspire people to shake up their culinary lifestyle.

The installation deli.wear illustrates one of their claims, namely food equals fashion, and can be experienced with all your senses. meer…


food design in wysokie obcasy DO ZJEDZENIA

the polish glossy magazine wysokie obcasy published a report on food design.

they describe projects of martí guixí, edible, koshi kawachi, et cetera, and also on our project TASTE THE UNWEARABLES.

klik op bijgaande link voor het hele artikel: do zjedzenia (pdf)


amsterdam fashion week: lichting 2010 (class of …)

considering our motto food = fashion de culinaire werkplaats received a very special group of guests during DownTown Amsterdam International Fashion Week: lichting 2010.

lichting 2010

lichting 2010



wear or where to eat…

after their successful debut ‘taste the unwearables’, followed by ‘tasty textiles’ de culinaire werkplaats participated for the 3rd time as downtown location of amsterdam international fashion week in juli 2010. especially for this occasion the designers couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing created a conceptual edible fashion collection inspired by the theme ‘wear or where to eat…’.  in this 3rd collection food, fashion and sustainability meet at various levels. meer…


in the media…

fotoshoot t.b.v. elle eten

photoshoot for elle eten

frame magazine, issue 75, aug-sept 2010

  • frame features an article concerning food design: bon appétit. it reviews projects of for instance edible, koshi kawachi, and martí guixé. it also shows taste the unwearables, a food=fashion project, of de culinaire werkplaats which was presented during amsterdam international fashion week juli 2009.

elle eten, augustus 2010 meer…


tasty flowers: tags & corsages om op te eten

the motto food = fashion has inspired the designers couple, marjolein wintjes and eric meursing, to create tasty flowers: edible nametags and corsages, which are a novel view on nametags and/or corsages.

tasty flowers are handmade eat.corsages of edible paper. this paper is made out of dried vegetables, fruit, herbs, etc.  de culinaire werkplaats produces all kinds of edible paper in-house, ranging from oranges to red beets.

the corsages can be attached to all sorts of nametags. tasty flowers are suitable for weddings or extraordinary product launches.

the corsages are not in stock. tasty flowers are tailormade and therefore only made when ordered.

more informationplease do contact eric meursing or marjolein wintjes

  • phone: 31(0)6 54 64 65 76 or
  • send an email to

january 23-31: natural textiles

de culinaire werkplaats is one of the downtown locations during amsterdam international fashion week. meer…


january 26, 2010: food & fashion swop’in

edible corsage

edible corsage

you -just like the rest of us- own earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses and other accessories that you do not wear anymore, or even dislike. and you have probably received  a 100% not done brooch on boxing day.

dust them off, take ‘m with you, and come during amsterdam international fashion week to our food & fashion swop’in evening, a co-production of stoere vrouwen and de culinaire werkplaats.

the programme

18.30 hrs – food swop’in

pull a chair, meet the dinnerclub of stoere vrouwen amsterdam.
the theme of this evening: foodmiles.
how does it work??
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