portfolio: dutch treats??

dish of eat'inspiration dutch treats?

dutch treats??? is the 3rd eat’inspiration of our overall project dutch icons revisited, and is inspired by what happened at charlie hebdo in paris in january this year.

all of a sudden freedom of speech and tolerance became talk of the town.

the netherlands used to be well known all over the world for these notions. since the dutch golden age this country attracts all kinds of free spirits. but… times are changing, and also in the netherlands the climate is changing the last decades.

with dutch treats??? we explore in a rather playful way how we deal with freedom of speech and tolerance in the netherlands at this very moment.

therefore, we have selected 5 typical dutch issues that showcase the present dialogue or status on several sensitive matters.

the 5 dutch issues we addressed with our dishes were:

  • the black pete discussion. which since november 2014 has split up our country into two opponent parties.
  • tolerating. refers to the laws where the government looks away and depending the political climate the gray area is huge or small
  • pillarisation. showcasing the multi party system in the netherlands (about 16 political parties in parliament, and about 80 in the whole country), and since we ended this theme a few parties are added again.
  • canal parade. illustrating that the netherlands was the 1st country where the gay marriage was legalised
  • act normal. this is an important virtue in the netherlands, you should always remain the boy or girl from next door even though you are extremely successful or have special talents.

as we always receive a lot of guests from abroad, we had some very interesting conversations and insights how other countries deal with these -ad randomly selected- sensitive topics……


portfolio: food concept for press launch of detox body treatment by filorga

detox bites for press launch of filorga

for the press launch of a detox body treatment by filorga we were commissioned to create a food concept for the invited lifestyle press.

the brief. the concept had to be a combination of:

  • detox
  • black & white (referring to the brand identity of filorga)

the result. 

  • selection of black & white vegetable and fruit bites
  • matching white vegetable mocktail
  • plus various detoxing juices
  • presentation inspired by zen.

this project was in collaboration with mooi pr.


portfolio: exploring the versatility of freekeh for artisan grains.

freekeh bonbons created by de culinaire werkplaats.

commissioned by artisan grains, we had a demonstration to showcase the versatility of the green wheat freekeh for a group of food bloggers.

freekeh is a green wheat. this is a cereal grain being harvested at the time when it is still young and green. freekeh therefore has a higher nutritional value compared to regular wheat grains. after harvesting the grains are lightly roasted, which gives a unique nutty and slightly smoky flavour. freekeh contains quite a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins. furthermore, it has a very nice texture and bite.
cooking time is about 15 minutes.

the challenge. work out several dishes:

  • to illustrate the versatility of the greenwheat freekeh
  • and which are easy to make at home

the demonstration. we created a lot of dishes. of which we selected the following for the artisan grains’ greenwheat freekeh demonstration:

  • mocktail with strawberries and freekeh
  • freekeh buns with hummus.
  • savoury and sweet freekeh croquettes
  • nasi goreng of freekeh
  • bonbons with a filling of freekeh and red fruits
  • granola freekeh – dark chocolate bar.

recipes. will be published 2nd half of march, and will only be available in dutch.

the freekeh demonstration was in collaboration with pr specialist kroon op het werk.


dutch masters & master pieces

no-fingerprints by de culinaire werkplaats

in search of excellence is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. on the image: no fingerprints.

no fingerprints is a tribute to a the dutch master burglar Aage Meinesz (aage m.), well known in the 70ties for his well prepared bank robberies using a thermal lance. at the end he was caught, but managed to escape. and… to this day the world is figuring out how he managed to do this.

the eat’inspiration ‘in search of excellence’ is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘.

the inspirational theme ‘dutch masters’ was triggered by our project during museums at night amsterdam at the van gogh museum.
the notion ‘master’ refers for us to all kinds of talents, skills and types of excellence. so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different expertises.
so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different dutch master talents. the eat’inspiration starts with an eat’cocktail inspired by a dutch master burglar, aage m. the other masters we addressed: rembrandt van rijn (painter), rem koolhaas (architecture), iris van herpen (fashion design), marcel wanders (product design).

fruit d’or – food art for pup mag #2

PM2_Fruit_d'Or_LOW_RES kopie_Page_1

click on the above photo to view all images of this production.

the challenge. we were invited to participate in a food art shoot, food & jewellery, for the 2nd edition of PUPMAG. #2, a cultural conceptual magazine.

the new luxuries.in our daily work as food conceptualists we focus on vegetables, fruits and specialty grains. every day we enjoy the beauty of these earthy gems. for us vegetables, fruits and grains are the jewellery, the new luxuries on the dinnerplate of the future. from this perspective it is rather logical to combine food & jewellery in a food art shoot.

the food art shoot. on may 16th, thamar lugthart (PUPMAG.) teamed us up with lonneke van der palen(photography), dineke van den heuvel (styling), frances krol (make up), frédérique olthuis (nails) and leonie op het eijnde (hand model).

PUPMAG. #2 is launched on june 19th, and in stores since july 20th, 2014. PUPMAG. issues 2 editions per year.


ongoing project: the beauty of ageing.

a photography project by marjolein wintjes showcasing how beautiful and inspirational the process of ageing can be.

hereafter a small selection of images.

a forest apple found by marjolein on one of her walks through amsterdam (project: the beauty of ageing)

a field pea (project: the beauty of ageing)

a field pea (project: the beauty of ageing)

detail of a turnip; part of project: the beauty of ageing

detail of a turnip (project: the beauty of ageing)

dried potato peel (project : the beauty of ageing)

dried potato peel (project : the beauty of ageing)


2 mrt – 14 april 2012: dutch landscapes

in march we start with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes II. on the menu: an eat.cocktail moorland of drente, thereafter you’ll meet the delicate taste of dutch grasslands and the hills of limburg, followed by some urban area and the finishing touch is a culinary representation of dutch polder landscape.

from march-june  2012 we have a series of eat’inspirations on the agenda, in which landscapes and architecture are the inspirational concept, as we enjoyed this theme so much last year. meer…


zij bakt emoties

images and project description of ‘she bakes emotions’.


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