marjolein’s house made olive oil powder soap

olive oil soap by marjolein wintjes

marjolein has been making a new batch of her famous olive oil powder soap, a real treat for your hands.

last summer she experimented with several types of olive oil which resulted in a change to an even better quality of this main ingredient.

from may 19th, 2017, you can treat your hands again as marjolein’s house made powder soap of organic olive oil will be back on our shelves.

price tag: € 8,95 (incl. 21% vat – excl. shipping cost) per jar of 120 gr.


june-july 2014: exhibition plant power

a forest apple found in amsterdam, part of the project 'the beauty of ageing'

a forest apple found in amsterdam, part of the project ‘the beauty of ageing’

exhibition plant power. 

  • de culinaire werkplaats was invited by standup gallery the hague to participate in the group exhibition plant power (june 13 – july 11, 2014).
  • the exhibition was about demonstrating the diversity and potential of the plant expressed in art, design and food.

contribution by de culinaire werkplaats.

  • a remake of dark powers, a project about the hidden talents of dark chocolate.
  • mourning bread rolls for nadia, an example of marjolein’s emotion.bread.
  • a selection of marjolein’s photography projects (60 cm x 40 cm) showcasing three ongoing projects:
    • give peas a chance #03, a call for more peas, beans and lentils on a plate
    • the beauty of ageing, revealing how beautiful and inspiring the process of ageing can be
    • onion powera project demonstrating the versatility of the humble onion (in cooking, for your health, and as a natural dye)
  • and some samples of fruit & vegetable paper.


  • besides projects by de culinaire werkplaats plant power exhibited the work of renee boute, meisje met de zaag, barro & tim, the dutch weedburger, veggie in pumps, biofutura, whitney lemasian, and denise roobol.

ongoing project: onion power.

a photography project by marjolein to showcase the humble, but versatile onion (health, culinary, natural dyeing). hereafter a small glimpse of this project.

red onion (project: onion power)

red onion (project: onion power)

a detail of a skin of a red onion (project: onion power)

a detail of a skin of a red onion (project: onion power)


ongoing project: the beauty of ageing.

a photography project by marjolein wintjes showcasing how beautiful and inspirational the process of ageing can be.

hereafter a small selection of images.

a forest apple found by marjolein on one of her walks through amsterdam (project: the beauty of ageing)

a field pea (project: the beauty of ageing)

a field pea (project: the beauty of ageing)

detail of a turnip; part of project: the beauty of ageing

detail of a turnip (project: the beauty of ageing)

dried potato peel (project : the beauty of ageing)

dried potato peel (project : the beauty of ageing)


onder handen werk: de gouden eeuw

glimpse of a new project……… in other words works in progress. in recent years, the golden age, voc (the dutch united east indian company), the silk road, et cetera, passed by as a kind of side-kick in commissions and all kinds of eat’inspirations. but… we think it is an interesting inspirational theme to explore as an independent theme.

the image showcases a golden combination: a coffee-vanilla cracker.

we’ll keep you posted.


020 tip for feb 13, 2014: ninety minutes of frame #2

020-tip for february 13, 2014:

the theme: all the senses

  • much of our time is spent online. during this 2nd edition of ninety minutes of frame food, scent and sound designers will present their cutting-edge work to get you back in touch with your senses. you will be able to sample different tastes and smells throughout the event.

the line up:

  • keynote speaker sissel tolaas, (scent specialist),
  • florian richter (soundscape designer),
  • claim to fame : jorge mañes rubio,
  • and …. we –marjolein wintjes & eric meursing- will share some of our food and eating experiences.
  • last but not least your moderator will be: jeroen junte, design & architecture critic.

practical details

  • date: february 13, 2014
  • when: 20.00 – 21.30 hrs
  • fee: free entrance
  • language: english
  • programme, bio speakers, and reservation details: ninety minutes of frame.
  • venue + reservations details: pakhuis de zwijger

20 nov 2012: futurefood #4 is food fashion?

conceptual edible wedding dress of rhubarb + flowers of milk by marjolein wintjes, de culinaire werkplaats, project taste the unwearables, aifw july 2009

on november 20th the 4th edition of futurefood is being held. this time the event focusses on the question is food fashion?

besides kathy moerdijk (vinites), menno post (soon executive chef restaurant de bokkedoorns), onno kleyn (culinary columnist volkskrant), katja gruijters (food designer) marjolein and eric are invited to present our perspective on this issue.

do you want to be present? please note the discussion and presentations will be in the dutch language. if this is no problem please send an email to the organization: or visit


andrea wiegman interviews marjolein wintjes

at the end of the summer 2012 i had an interview (in dutch) with andrea wiegman, owner of second sight, a platform for trend research.

we discussed my view on tomorrow’s dinnerplate, food trends, how i got inspired by my trips to south korea and shanghai, and my worries.

mijn gesprek (translation: my interview) is an initiative of and empowered by 7ditches.


zij bakt emoties

images and project description of ‘she bakes emotions’.




project description.
the project ‘she bakes in silence’ formed a powerful moment of silence during the culinary and cultural festival ‘smaakexplosies’ (taste explosions). the various emotion.breads which where exhibit offered an opportunity to the visitors to become acquainted with the redefined role of specialty bread for the sweetish and savourish moments of life. many were surprised, and some even touched, by the concept of emotion.breads.

a slideshow of the exhibition ‘she bakes in silence’.

marjolein is the first designer of emotion.breads in the netherlands. she creates these breads only on commission.

with emotion.breads she offers you the opportunity to share a sweetish or savourish moment in your life is a very personal way. the sharing and eating of an emotionbread connects the moment and the people that are present together.

but eating an emotion.bread also reflects that the emotional state is temporarily. you can cherish the beautiful and sad moments, but by eating the emotion.bread you experience the moment in such way that you can let it go and open up for new moments and experiences in your life.

more information about the concept of emotion.bread and images of emotion.bread you can find by the project ‘she bakes emotions’.  zij bakt.emoties’.


note: 2 images of this slideshow are made by anneke de blok,, the image of the always together swans and the image of the children observing the sad buns.

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