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september 2012 news.bites

after our traditional august break it is time for a new eat’inspiration. this time we invite you for a postcard from shanghai, our travel & work experiences in shanghai en south korea in 5 dishes.

in our news.bites you’ll find more details about a postcard from shanghai. we are happy that we at last managed to create some news.bites again, a newsletter which reveals the eat’inspirations for the coming 4 month, some highlights of the past months, and a few projects in progress.

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enjoy reading and hope to meeting soon again.

marjolein & eric.


october 25, 2010: announcement ‘best vegetables restaurant benelux 2010’i

marjolein, eric together with frank fol, initiator competition 'eat more vegetables'

in the last week of october 2010 the announcement of  the best vegetables restaurant benelux 2010′ will take place in kortrijk (belgium). meer…


telegraaf: savourish ice

kruidig waterijs en honing yoghurt

savourish water ice & honey yogurt

our eat’inspirations of august and september were inspired by the concept of water. in august we have translated the following words into dishes: water works, waterbombs, waterballet, waterlily, and water ice. the eat’inspiration of september focussed on the water issue ‘abundance and shortage’.

in de telegraaf (dutch newspaper) you’ll find one of the water dishes, that we have created in augustus 2010. this is a lovely dish with all kinds of summer fruits and pink pepers to celebrate summer: click on the following link: savourish water ice. the recipe is in dutch.


food design in wysokie obcasy DO ZJEDZENIA

the polish glossy magazine wysokie obcasy published a report on food design.

they describe projects of martí guixí, edible, koshi kawachi, et cetera, and also on our project TASTE THE UNWEARABLES.

klik op bijgaande link voor het hele artikel: do zjedzenia (pdf)


elle eten: onions – tearjerker & culinary diva

witte uien

white onions

every day eric & i use onions. we cannot imagine a life without them.  it’s impossible for us to cook without this delicious appetizer.

so we thought it’s time to showcase the versatility and colorful side of this lovely tearjerker  and …. this is what we did for the dutch culinary glossy elle eten! meer…


ongoing project: give peas a chance

with the concept ‘give peas a chance’ de culinaire werkplaats calls for a green revolution TO GO a battle for more vegetables on your plate. it is an ongoing project with various features. meer…


frame magazine: bon appétit food design

In the august 2010 issue of Frame Magazine, augustus 2010, you will find article on ‘food design’: bon appétit.

Frame believes “there’s more to food design than overly decorated cupcakes or bewildering molecular gastronomy. Designers are busy cooking up a range of practical and sometimes thought-provoking ideas.”

They illustrate this perpective with projects of Edible, Koshi Kawachi, Julie Rothhahn, Philips & Arzak, Martí Guixé, and de culinaire werkplaats.

here you can read about the project of de culinaire werkplaats‘taste the unwearables’ (pdf.format) in Frame Magazine


in heerlijkheid: haute vega – the new eating

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

Marjan Ippel, always busy to spot the latest foodtrends for consumers, in informs us the Dutch magazine Heerlijkheid (nr 13; juli, aug, sept 2010) about haute vega, the food trend of this very moment.

The headline reads: “from fully principled and stodgy, vegetarianism has become an ecofabulous lifestyle nowadays. With matching haute restaurants, trendy websites and cookbooks. The new vegetarian is no longer worrying anti-meat, but happy pre-green!

The article is illustrated with images of some lovely vegetables dishes and pastry, which you can enjoy at de culinaire werkplaats. The images are made by Marjolein, one of the initiators of  de culinaire werkplaats.

The article: haute vega (pdf.format)


july 2010: second sight – do it yourself trend

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

The July issue of Second Sight, the magazine by and for trendexperts and trend-interested, focusses on a new emerging trend: DIY, do it yourself.

We had a pleasant conversation with Jan Bletz, one of chief editors of second sight, and discussed some of the DIY aspects of de culinaire werkplaats.

You can read the article overhere: learning by doing it yourself (pdf format). meer…

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