may 2018 issue: the new dutch masters by kevin eg perry for lonely planet uk

in the may 2018 issue of lonely planet uk you will find a story about the new dutch masters featuring 10 modern creatives who are changing the way we eat, live … and cycle. 

we are very proud to be one of those 10 new dutch masters. 

the words are by keving eg perry and the photographs are by matt munro.


6 foodie delights in amsterdam reviewed by

francesca peak and her friends visited amsterdam and discovered 6 foodie delights in amsterdam. they also joined de culinaire werkplaats for the eat’inspiration ‘the beauty of imperfection and more…’; a free style interpretation of various japanese thoughts, ideas and philosophies. 


may 11, 2016: wall street journal on one-of-a-kind experiences in amsterdam


we are very pleased to share with you that de culinaire werkplaats is featured as in the travel section of the wall street journal as one of the ‘one-of-a-kind experiences in amsterdam‘ according to rico gagliano (journalist), who visited our venue twice.

this is what he writes about de culinaire werkplaats.

Devour art.

Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes describe themselves as food concept designers—in other words, they play with their food in the name of art. They once crafted an edible, life-size pink wedding dress out of paper-like sheets of rhubarb-infused agar. Four nights a week, their industrial kitchen-slash-studio, De Culinaire Werkplaats (near the cultural complex of Westergasfabriek), turns into a restaurant where each dish looks like a miniature art installation. This month, the couple opens a “food-art” gallery next door, with a debut exhibit of objets created with all-black ingredients—like a sculpture of wafers made from blackberries, black currant and black-curry.

and click on the following link to read the whole article about the four wacky, one-of-a-kind destinations in the dutch capital, from sleeping in a crane to rocking out in a bunker.


april 5th, 2016: Échappées Belles @ de culinaire werkplaats

échapées belles france 5 at de culinaire werkplaats

here an impression of Échappées Belles’s film crew in action at de culinaire werkplaats.

tuesday evening april 5th, 2016, eric welcomed the filmcrew from the french tv programme Échappées Belles as de culinaire werkplaats will be part of the report they are making/shooting about the amsterdam area.

it was a very enjoyable experience. eric explained the story of de culinaire werkplaats. and of course he prepared a tasting of 3 dishes for raphaël de casabianca, host of this tv programme, and his guest isabelle garachon.

the show will be broadcasted at france 5 on saturday evening may 14, 2016.


press review: amsterdam gourmet speeddating by

wheatfield with reaper by vincent van gogh

wheatfield with reaper by vincent van gogh

In september 2015 we have received a group of international culinary journalists for a drink and some bites. At that very moment we were running the eating experience Vincent van Gogh.

Wolfgang Grüner of the online german culinary magazine was one of the participating journalists. On november 3, 2015 he shared his experiences online in a report about amsterdam. De culinaire werkplaats was the last spot of this amsterdam gourmet speeddating trip.

Letzte Station am Nachmittag ist „The Culinaire Werkplaats“ in der Fannius Scholtenstraat 10, ein Platz für höchst interessante und ungewöhnliche Experimente im Nahrungsmittelbereich. Das Design-Studio für Essen und Trinken von Marjolein Wintjes und Eric Meursing sucht und präsentiert neue Konzepte, ungewöhnliche Geschmacksvariationen, sie finden andere Präsentationsformen, experimentieren mit der Vereinbarkeit eigentlich gegensätzlicher Dinge und scheuen dabei nicht starke Kontraste. Besonderer Wert bei den Essensexperimenten wird auf fairen Handel, Umweltverträglichkeit, Bioprodukte und Nachhaltigkeit gelegt. Bei all den Inspirationen steht natürlich auch die Suche nach dem guten Geschmack im Vordergrund. Das probiere ich gleich aus und bekomme einen Teller mit gedämpften Artischocken, umgeben von Heu-Fäden mit Kürbiskernöl, dazu flaches Brot aus Kartoffeln und Weizen, richtig lecker. Am Präsentationstisch wird gewerkelt, auf weißen Steinen sammeln sich Rollen aus Kürbis und Sushi-Reis mit Gurken, Bällchen aus weißen Bohnen mit Gewürzen und Blüten, umgeben von allerlei Kräutern, Salaten, Sprossern und anderen Zutaten. Ein wunderschönes Bild, alles essbar, außer den Steinen, zum Teil recht ungewöhnlich im Geschmack, hervorragend. Einige Tage in der Woche öffnet das Studio sich dem Publikum und man kann die Experimente essen und trinken. Ich diskutiere noch lange mit Eric, aber irgendwann bringt mich dann das Taxi zurück zum Hotel.

click on the following link to read the whole article: amsterdam gourmet speeddating


wow, de culinaire werkplaats on the european bucket list of ryanair!!!


on vegetarian day 2015 ryanair published its bucket list for europe, and we are very proud to share with you that de culinaire werkplaats is at this list.

we feel honoured and would like to thank ryanair for this recommendation.

click on the following link to read the article and find out which other interesting venues are at this bucket list: foodie trips – vegetarian guide to europe



citix60 amsterdam by viction:ary


[click on the image to read the article]

studio de culinaire werkplaats is featured in the CITIx60 AMSTERDAM GUIDE as a favourite spot of Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto (

CITIx60 Amsterdam is initiative by viction:ary. this project is a collaboration with local creatives from selected cities, each CITIx60 guide points you to 60 hangouts loved by 60 stars of the cities’ creative scene, covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment.

enjoy life and design at Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and stay tuned for their upcoming editions.


magazine el mundo: 48 horas en amsterdam.


we are proud that studio de culinaire werkplaats is featured as a “to do” when you are 48 hours in amsterdam/the netherlands by the MAGAZINE EL MUNDO FUERA DE SERIE  (april 2015).

in the report activities and locations are explored that you have to visit in the context of the vincent van gogh year.

please click on the above image or on the following link to read the story 48 hours in amsterdam written by Rubén Fernández, who visited studio de culinaire werkplaats in earlier this year for an eating experience.


amsterdam wallpaper city guide 2015

studio de culinaire werkplaats is featured in the amsterdam wallpaper city guide 2015. this guide is available both in print and as iOS app.



De Culinaire Werkplaats in wallpaper city guide



art & amsterdam by el mundo

video at el mundo online about art & amsterdam


[click for the video on the above image]

the spanish newspaper el mundo published online the following video: AMSTERDAM & ART, filmed & edited by alvaro leiva.

you’ll find studio de culinaire werkplaats at about 2:46 minutes. also on this video: the hermitage, the rijksmuseum, foam, the exchange hotel, and gallery leonie mijnlieff.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef