portfolio: in search of master talents

eat’inspiration dutch masters III (june-sept 2017).

  • part of our project ‘dutch icons revisited’ in which we explore using regularly changing themes: what makes the dutch dna.


  • eat’inspiration dutch masters III. 
    • most people link the concept of dutch masters to our dutch golden age painters. however, we believe that we have far more master talents in the netherlands than painters only and in different periods. so we stretched the concept.
    • for this new series of dutch masters we created 7 dishes inspired by 7 different master talents. for instance: geert jan jansen (art forger + painter), iris van herpen (fashion artist/designer), etc.


  • in the image. a classic dutch pudding (vegan version) flambé. this dish is inspired by and a tribute to the project ‘where there is smoke’ by maarten baas.  

portfolio: dutch flower power

the eat’inspiration ‘dutch flower power’ (march 23 – june 25, 2017)


  • part of: our ongoing project ‘dutch icons’ in which we try to capture the dna of the dutch/the netherlands.


  • showcases and explores: the special and powerful relationship of “the dutch” and flowers over the centuries.
    • by creating 7 different eating experiences
    • inspired by artists, tulips, historical events, perfumes, paintings, technology, and economy.


  • on the image: one of the freestyle interpretations of floral still lifes we created; a tribute to floral still-life painting as a particular genre which achieved its greatest importance in the dutch golden age art.  and we learned that the english term still life derives from the dutch word stilleven



portfolio: freestyle interpretations of japanese concepts

 the eat’inspiration ‘the beauty of imperfection and more …’ 

  • is all about creating freestyle interpretations of a selection of japanese concepts,
  • and the result 7 different eating experiences.

the art of giving + gift wrapping

  • on the image an impression of one of the desserts, an interpretation of the art of giving + gift wrapping (furoshiki)
  • japan is known as a gift-giving culture. gifts are not presented only on special occasions, but also as part of a reciprocal tradition to show appreciation, to build relationships and to express courtesy.
  • it is not uncommon to give gifts of fruit in japan, as fruit is considered to be a luxury product.
  • the dessert consists of 4 layers, in the centre you’ll discover a marinated cherry, and the dessert is wrapped in edible cherry “paper”. 

portfolio 2017: inspirational session for perfume house

detail of catering for flavourists and fragrance developers

commissioned by an international perfume house we created an interactive inspirational session for a group of fragrance developers.

this inspiration day ended with finger food and diy cocktails inspired by several world famous perfumes.



portfolio 2016: eat’inspiration dutch masters

for the eat’inspiration dutch masters 2016 we have created a 5 and 7 course menu.
one of the seven selected dutch masters on the menu is our most famous dutch golden age painter: rembrandt van rijn.

inspirational source: 

  • the pendant wedding portraits of marten soolmans and oopjen coppit by rembrandt van rijn.



dish inspired by rembrandt van rijn

in short, the story:

  • the portraits were painted upon the occasion of the wedding of marten soolmans and oopjen coppit in 1634;
  • the subjects were painted individually, however, the portraits have been kept together since their inception;
  • the pendant wedding portraits were formerly owned by the rothschild family;
  • and they became jointly owned by the louvre museum paris and rijksmuseum amsterdam;
  • one important condition: the paintings should always travel and exhibit together.


  • it is about a marriage between two different personalities, and the present ownership is a kind of marriage between france and the netherlands;
  • 2 people: 2x en papillote with different fillings consisting of dutch and french ingredients become one dish by mixing the content of both parcels;
  • the parcels are connected by the infinity symbol: symbol for eternal life and the interaction of opposing powers.

work in progress: a new fabric project + a tribute to red cabbage

edible fabric of red cabbage

we are working on a next generation of edible fabrics. to add new samples to our collection of edible fabrics/paper. this time a tribute to red cabbage; part of our experiments and commissions in the context of food = fashion.


low salt press lunch @ world kidney day 2016

here a video impression of the press lunch we hosted for nierstichting nederland (read: dutch kidney foundation).

we were very pleased to receive an invitation by nierstichting to create and host a low salt 3 course press lunch. 

the nierstichting has invited a selection of bloggers and journalists on world kidney day 2016 to draw attention to the fact that most people are eating too much salt, about 1 kg on a yearly base too much. this is very harmful for your kidneys.

furthermore, nierstichting used this press lunch to launch ‘de zoutmeter’ (the salt meter), a handy tool that helps you to determine in a blink how much salt your meal contains.  

the briefing.

  • low salt has a negative association, most people think immediately in terms of ‘tasteless’
  • create a tasting for the invited press to find out which bites contain salt or no salt
  • create a 3 course lunch with adding salt to showcase that low salt can be tasteful
  • make recipes of the lunch dishes for 4 persons

lunch + tasting

  • tasting.
    • 5 preparations of potato (purée, baked, crisps, fried fries and boiled).
    • we choose the vitelotte noir, a black potato with a great deep purple inside and a nutty taste, to be the star of this tasting.
  • lunch.  in stead of salt we used in all the courses
    • some ingredients that have umami (the fifth taste)
    • a lot of fresh herbs and spices
    • and we paid attention to create various textures.
  • the 3 courses:
    • mushroom bouillon with vegetable dots.
    • marmered egg in a nest of potato, spinach and  bean sprouts
    • a small flower arrangement: a puff bread with a “bouquet” of marinated/roasted vegetables and baba ganoush
  • the recipes.
    • we are translating the recipes from dutch into english. as soon as the english version is available we will upload the pdf file here.

portfolio: discover 5 new paintings by van gogh in amsterdam

van gogh a la japonnais

after the summerbreak 2015 we started with the eat’inspiration van gogh, his contemporaries and influencers. this eat’inspiration consists of 5 eating experiences through which we made you discover and explore the works and life of van gogh.

the first 3 experiences are savourish and inspired by the 3 periods you can distinguish in the works of vincent van gogh.

  • the 1st interactive experience refers to the period van gogh is creating paintings in the netherlands and we used the painting woman lifting potatoes as our inspirational source. in this dish marinated root vegetables wrapped in clay, baked and topped off with mustard lettuce are the heroes.
  • the 2nd experience is van gogh à la japonnais and  a reflection of the period that van gogh lived in paris, where he started to experiment with colours. one way of doing that was by making freestyle copies of japanese imprints;
  • the 3rd experience a freestyle flower arrangement with a special fragrance representing the period van gogh is living in the provence. it is a tribute to the period he settled down in the yellow house in arle where he wanted to start an artists community. here he painted quite a number of still lives many of which showcasing vases with flowers.

the last 2 experiences are sweetish:

  • the 4th experience is an interpretation of wheatfield with a reaper, and is an attempt to capture van gogh’s signature brushstrokes.
  •  painting by numbers is the last experience -which was the favourite of most of our visitors-. this was an interactive course in which the diners could meet with vincent van gogh in numbers.

and…. for the ones that really explored our space there was also a small installation ‘a sniff of vincent’ where you could meet vincent with your olfactus

in case you are in need of more vincent, check out the van gogh museum amsterdam


april 2015: press launch H&M conscious collection 2015

food installation for press launch h & m conscious collection 2015


in april 2015 H&M presented the conscious collection 2015 (limited edition) during a seminar about sustainability & fashion industry in amsterdam. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create a conceptual edible installation that captures the essence of this special collection.

the brief.

  • keywords collection. edgy mix of african and japanese influences, multi-layered, pearls, beads, threads, grafical, chique/stylish/exclusive, texture, modest, sustainable, recycle, artisanal.
  • colour moods of the collectionblack-white, beige-vivid red, and grey – green.

the installation.

  • presentation. the 3 moods are presented separately. the bites are served at empty oyster shells. this refers to re-cycle, multi-layered, and the colours of the shells reflect an important part of the collection.
  • shape.
    • the shape of the bites is inspired by the bites served during a japanese tea ceremony (wagashi) reflecting craftsmanship which is highly respected in japan, the attention for food, minimalism, and the combination of tradition and innovation.
    • main shapes: spheres and blocks.
  • taste. all bites have african tastes. so in shape & taste japan meets africa.
  • growing paper. the ingredients per bite are written on cards made of growing paper. so after the event the cards have been planted into soil.



april 2015: urban jungle for diesel

diesel II perslaunch f:w 2015

in april 2015 diesel launched its fall/winter main collection 2015. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create an edible conceptual interpretation of the collection for the invited press.

the brief.  

  • main themes f/w 2015 : military + rock.
  • keywords:
    • urban jungle, wearable cool, innovation, material research, mixed textures, craftsmanship, high-end, vintage
    • re-interpretation of the main themes (military & rock) from a lighthearted, personal approach/perspective
    • accents in vibrant colours
    • mix and match in opposite textures, colour, pattern, style

the result.

  • presentation
    • an impression of an urban jungle as starting point for the installation.
    • used materials for the urban jungle: grey stones/tiles in combination with moss and micro greens.
  • inspirationfor the bites(14 different types)
    • “classics” with a twist to capture the essence of the re-interpretation of the main themes
    • lighthearted approach on military, vintage, etc. camouflage-inspired bites, etc.
    • innovation, material research. combinations of  textures through contemporary preparation techniques
    • mix and match. the invitation to combine/explore apparent opposites within the collection and themes in a personal way
    • vibrant colour accents – faux fur. a few bites have a different, unexpected, vibrant colour
    • the collection consists of apparent opposites. reflected by various opposite tastes and combinations.

this is the 2nd collaboration between diesel and studio de culinaire werkplaats. last year we created an edible landscape of 10 meters for diesel.

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