portfolio: exploring the versatility of freekeh for artisan grains.

freekeh bonbons created by de culinaire werkplaats.

commissioned by artisan grains, we had a demonstration to showcase the versatility of the green wheat freekeh for a group of food bloggers.

freekeh is a green wheat. this is a cereal grain being harvested at the time when it is still young and green. freekeh therefore has a higher nutritional value compared to regular wheat grains. after harvesting the grains are lightly roasted, which gives a unique nutty and slightly smoky flavour. freekeh contains quite a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins. furthermore, it has a very nice texture and bite.
cooking time is about 15 minutes.

the challenge. work out several dishes:

  • to illustrate the versatility of the greenwheat freekeh
  • and which are easy to make at home

the demonstration. we created a lot of dishes. of which we selected the following for the artisan grains’ greenwheat freekeh demonstration:

  • mocktail with strawberries and freekeh
  • freekeh buns with hummus.
  • savoury and sweet freekeh croquettes
  • nasi goreng of freekeh
  • bonbons with a filling of freekeh and red fruits
  • granola freekeh – dark chocolate bar.

recipes. will be published 2nd half of march, and will only be available in dutch.

the freekeh demonstration was in collaboration with pr specialist kroon op het werk.


dorian’s dish: food art for pup magazine #03

food art with beetroot cracker

2 copy

3 copy


the above images are part of the project dorian’s dish for pup magazine #03.

the inspirational source of this 3rd issue of pup magazine is the writer and playwright oscar wilde. for this project we were inspired by the philosophical and only novel by oscar wilde: the picture of dorian gray.

Dorian Gray is the subject of a full-length portrait in oil by Basil Hallward, an artist who is impressed and infatuated by Dorian’s beauty; he believes that Dorian’s beauty is responsible for the new mode in his art as a painter. Through Basil, Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, and he soon is enthralled by the aristocrat’s hedonistic worldview: that beauty and sensual fulfilment are the only things worth pursuing in life.

Understanding that his beauty will fade, Dorian expresses the desire to sell his soul, to ensure that the picture, rather than he, will age and fade. The wish is granted, and Dorian pursues a libertine life of varied and amoral experiences; all the while his portrait ages and records every soul-corrupting sin

our interpretations are created using vegetable and fruit crackers as starting point. photography by nine ijff.


dutch quinoa

artvertisement dutch quinoa group

invited by PUP MAG. studio de culinaire werkplaats was involved in the concept & styling process of the artvertisement for the dutch quinoa group. we teamed up with nine ijff (photography), maaike beijer (make up), tommy hagen (hair styling) and vera van erp (model).

the dutch quinoa group is a collective that celebrates healthy food and dutch agriculture. and …. we want to join this party. let’s feast with their locally grown quinoa, a whole grain treat.

furthermore, we got the opportunity to experiment and explore the unique qualities of this dutch whole grain quinoa. for the launch party of the limited edition of PUP MAGAZINE #03 we created some fabulous vegan dutch quinoa croquettes with a spicy spinach dip. we choose spinach for this dip, as quinoa and spinach are close relatives.



portfolio: frame food experience #01 is life like a box of chocolates?

frame food experience: is life like a box of chocolates


have you ever wanted to experience life in bites? or taste what life has in store? these and other questions we addressed during the 1st frame food experience: is life like a box of chocolates?

upon entering, each guest received a welcome drink and a theme inspired appetiser to begin the journey along the 5 highlights of life. the special moments that we translated into 5 eat’impressions were:

  • kick off: an edible landscape which interpreted the start in life, of a person,  a business, or a relationship
  • meet + greet: a start involves entering the big world while meeting & greeting with other people, companies, cultures, etc. this was illustrated by one ingredient prepared in 5 different ways reflecting its various talents/aspects)
  • connect: during the meets & greets in life you will connect with others. you will find a partner, a business partner, in other words all kinds of mergers take place. relating with others involves a lot of labour, it is hard work. so the participants received a blueprint, and several components and had to create DIY swans. the swan is, by the way, symbol for a lifelong relationship.
  • split up: but… in life not all relationships last for ever. this was showcased by a de-constructed apple crumble pie and we offered a hammer to the guest that wanted to break out of a relationship, a job situation or whatsoever to create the crumble.
  • afterparty: split ups create new openings, new stages in life, so we created in front of the guest an edible multi coloured piece of art to celebrate this new stage. this piece of art was eaten without plates & cutlery.

we created this 2 days only interactive food experience on invitation by in collaboration with frame store amsterdam. and it was inspired by the works of anna lomax and her project ‘event now‘ for frame magazine’s issue 102 in particular. the notion ‘events’ refers for anna lomax to celebrate the big moments in life: life and death. and therefore we took the 5 highlights of life as a starting point.

during the food experience the guests could visit the exhibition of anna lomax and the frame store.


dutch masters & master pieces

no-fingerprints by de culinaire werkplaats

in search of excellence is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. on the image: no fingerprints.

no fingerprints is a tribute to a the dutch master burglar Aage Meinesz (aage m.), well known in the 70ties for his well prepared bank robberies using a thermal lance. at the end he was caught, but managed to escape. and… to this day the world is figuring out how he managed to do this.

the eat’inspiration ‘in search of excellence’ is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘.

the inspirational theme ‘dutch masters’ was triggered by our project during museums at night amsterdam at the van gogh museum.
the notion ‘master’ refers for us to all kinds of talents, skills and types of excellence. so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different expertises.
so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different dutch master talents. the eat’inspiration starts with an eat’cocktail inspired by a dutch master burglar, aage m. the other masters we addressed: rembrandt van rijn (painter), rem koolhaas (architecture), iris van herpen (fashion design), marcel wanders (product design).

portfolio: eat’inspiration amsterdamned?

in march and april 2014 we explored our love-hate relationship with amsterdam, part of our amsterdam 2014 project. we expressed with the following dishes our “highlights” of amsterdam:

  • museum square,
  • gay parade,
  • zeedijk (see image),
  • tuschinski (movie theatre),
  • amsterdam’s coffeeshops.

on the image you’ll see one of the impressions we created of the zeedijk. this dish is inspired by the rich history of the zeedijk, the main street of amsterdam’s china town, and part of the maritime district. so the choice of ingredients, the colours, the taste and textures, the shape are triggered by both china and the see, the meaning of the zeedijk (sea dike), and the fact this street is situated next to the red light district.


eat’inspiration sign of the times: taste the new luxuries


is water the new champagne? will the ability to live in the present be the new silence? will the colourful black become the new gems on your plate? these and more questions were on the menu of the eat’inspiration sign of the times, taste the new luxury in 5 dishes.

it are complex times, and it’s a new era. a new era requires new ways of approaching & doing things, new solutions and rethinking the future.

sign of the times.

  • the eat’inspiration sign of the times is about the new luxury, is about less and more, as natural resources are getting scarcer.
  • the 5 dishes –water, stones, pearls, essence and transparancy–  function as a small selection of conversation triggers about the many new luxuries offered by the future and the dinnerplate of the future.


  • specially for the 20th edition of amsterdam fashion week (january 17 – 27, 2014) marjolein has translated the sign of the times to the trendforecast less and more in which food & fashion meet.


  • moscow design museum: sign of the times is commissioned by the moscow design museum in the context of the russia-netherlands year and the exhibition new luxuries (nov 14 – jan 12, 2014).
  • triptych TIME: sign of the times is the 3rd of a 3-part series of eat’inspirations exploring the notion TIME, it is an adventure to search for new tastes, textures, food pairings and new ways of eating using TIME as inspirational concept.
  • blossoming stones: the project TIME resulted also in the launch of a new afternoon T concept blossoming stones during the dutch design week 2013 at the inkijkmuseum of eindhoven. this concept is inspired by the japanese T ceremony and garden architecture.

esse organic skincare

october 17, 2013, we have hosted the press presentation of esse organic skincare. for the journalists and bloggers we have created 3 dishes in which the ingredients shine that are part of the various skincare products.

esse works exclusively with pure ingredients without any chemical and colour additives. all products of esse are also organic, fair trade and whenever ​​possible made from local sources. esse is the brainchild of trevor steyn. at this launch he explained the philosophy and the products of esse to the audience.

we enjoyed the co production with willa stoutenbeek van wgreen (pr),  and alexander dikkes (importer en distributor van o.a. esse organic skincare).


portfolio: eating architecture #02

architecture and landscapes is one of our most favorite themes. in 2011 we have created two eat’inspirations in which architecture is the inspirational concept: eat’in architects and eat’in bauhaus. this year we have explored a new selection of architectural projects.

the created dishes are not only based upon shape and appearance of the building. also the philosophy and the concept of the architect(s) are taken into consideration in our choice of presentation, form, ingredients, taste, etc. etc.

  • monumental is an interpretation of byzantium near the vondelpark of amsterdam and  designed by rem koolhaas. the dish is a reflection on the materialization and the penthouse, originally planned to be a sky bar accessible to the public via a glass elevator.
  • storage is inspired by the first and renewed function of the maritime museum amsterdam and the beautiful glass roofing; a result of the recent and major refurbishment. initially the building is an arsenal, later it became a “storage” for dutch maritime heritage. its original design is by daniel stalpaert. the master plan of the recent renovation is the work of liesbeth van der pol. in this dish the golden and 21st century meet.
  • material is about the story of betondorp (concrete village) by dick greiner. betondorp is a neighbourhood in the east part of Amsterdam. the district is designed as a garden village and is an experiment with concrete. as after world war I red bricks are scarce and expensive and after the war period there was need for low-cost housing.
  • royal given the recent inauguration we created  a free interpretation of the royal palace at dam square. originally the 1st town hall of amsterdam designed by jacob van campen and an example of dutch classicism. in the dish regality, orange, and a juwel of a classic grain meet.
  • destination unknown. this dish refers to the award-winning project vacant.nl by rietveld landscape. this office created an installation showcasing all vacant public buildings in the netherlands and give some ideas for new functions. the project was designed for the dutch pavilion of the venice biennale. we have designed a small plan of empty spaces for our guests, and introduce some novel flavour combinations.

furthermore, we had planned to create a 24 hours eating installation at the day of the architecture (june 23, 2013), but the necessary permits were not granted. next year, new chances.


portfolio: blooming

vrije impressie van 't gerechtje bloei.

after a long, dark and cold period we thought it was time for some spring in the air. so …. we sowed various beans and peas. their enthusiastic growth inspired us to explore the concept of growth and so the eatinspiration blooming saw the light.

you can distinquish various types of growth. most people think in terms of quantitative growth only, like exponential growth. but … growth can also refer to intrinsic growth or to the rhythm of growth, like organic growth. furthermore, growth refers to a number of phases.

to come to full bloom you need a nutricious breeding soil. but also the time and context to determine whether someone or something may come to its full potential. the phenomenon of growth and prosperity is not limited to plants. also organizations, people, societies, insights, ideas, etc. develop, grow and prosper in all kinds of ways.

we have randomly selected 5 types of growth. these five different types of growth we have explored and translated into ingredients, preparation, form, etc. our selected growth modes are: rampant growth, circle, blooming, crystallizing, and symbiosis.

by the way, the photo does not represent a dish from the eat’inspiration blooming, but is a free impression by marjolein after exploring the concept of blooming.

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