portfolio. water, the new champagne?

de culinaire werkplaats has a very special relation with water. our first five water dishes, which we presented in august 2010, were awarded with the best benelux restaurant in 2011. we work on the dinnerplate of the future and water has a crucial part in the production and the preparation of foods. so if you eat, you consume directly and indirectly lots of water.

on march 22 it’s always world water day, so march is clearly a suitable time for the water issues we address with the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne?

water. seems in the netherlands often to be taken for granted. you only have to open your tap and you have gallons of clean drinking water at your disposal. this is not the case all over the world

the perspective. for the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne? we explore the issue of water scarcity and excess of water. and this perspective is the starting point to create five different dishes and several installations that expose the role of water in our lives in a playful way.

the dishes. the names of some dishes will sound familiar, but we approached the concepts from a new perspective. as the sneak preview we presented flatbread with “fake” water bombs. on the menu: a winter version of our interpretation of waterworks, the beach at low tide, a water.ballet, a piece of desert and a free interpretation of the climate change.

the images of the dishes, the explanation of the various layers of dishes and installations will be part of our book, which we are making right now.


eetinspiratie: wall street shuffle

commissioned, we created the 5 course eat’inspiration wall street shuffle inspired by the flash crash on wall street in may 2010.

for two creatives with a limited affinity with stocks and options this was a real, but exciting challenge. with great pleasure we did research and we got some inspiring input by our commissioner.
the eat’inspiration started with the dish that is an interpretation of the opening of the stock exchange. we also made guests trade stocks and options theirselves. as a grande finale the guests could experience the flash crash in edible form.

the eat’inspiration was for the occasion of the inaugural lecture of prof.dr. albert menkveld on april 2: why not replace bankers by robots? evidence from securities trading.

beauty & care

we were commissioned by cosight paris to create a lunch’inspiration for the management of unilever beauty & care uk. due to a tight time schedule this eat’inspiration consisted of 3 instead of 5 dishes. the inspirational concept is of course beauty & caring.

we created the following dishes:

  • the essence of beauty & caring to showcase the fact that beauty is not one-dimensional, and the hero of this dish is the tomato, a product containing a lot of water (about 93%), which is excellent for your body. futhermore, eating tomatoes is great for your skin, the lycopene of it takes away the effects of air pollution and tomatoes seem to be natural sun blockers;
  • fast beauty reflects that a lot of people nowadays do not want to spend much time on eating, but also on personal care. so we created some healthy “fast” food in which the colour black is leading. black pigments contain a high percentage of antioxidants;
  • the ugly duckling. a dessert that contained amongst others green + white tea and dark chocolate. all 3 ingredients are well known for their contributions for skin care & mood.

during the lunch there were 2 presentations about skin care by mascha feoktistova (beauty blogger) and dr jetske ultee (physician).


project red revisited

in these turbulent days there is the new romanticism in the air. and this is what the eat’inspiration red revisited. is all about. but also valentine’s day, warm sweaters’ day, and the need for some warmth at the end of the winter season delivered a lot of input for some new creations.

we have transformed the warm, loving, passionate, lively, romantic and exciting side of the colour red into 5 dishes. the eat’inspiration starts with a red carpet experience, a dish in which we connected the 2 different meanings of the notion red carpet. this dish was followed by a date with the lady in red, we played with matches to create the dish light my fire. hereafter we plated up a dangerous liaison, a dangerous but romantic taste combination for adults only, and we finished with a healthy blush. meer…


ever considered your dress to be a dessert?


(click on image to enlarge).

during amsterdam fashion weekend in january 2013, we displayed in the lobby of boutique hotel JL No. 76, one of the four vondel hotels, a conceptual cradle to cradle wedding dress made of rhubarb fabric. the dress is edible and the ingredients are organic and locally produced.

this installation focusses on the relationship between food & fashion & identity. our motto is food equals fashion and this installation is an investigation of the premiss: food = fashion.

the conceptual dress is part of the project taste the unwearables revisited, one of our many projects in which food and fashion meet. it is food for thought, so to speak. the installation addresses the future of food & fashion. it’s about the concept of temporality in general and in fashion. the project is alluding simultaneously the fragility of the ecosystem.

we are still working on the installation, and also on our investigation of the question is food fashion? this installation is also work in progress, and will be presented again to the public when it is completed. the question and the project are part of the book which we are making right now.

answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • yes, we make the edible dress installation in commission;
  • it takes about a week to make a dress;
  • the dress can not be shipped, but has to be built on location.

‘n frisse blik op groenten voor bonduelle

in the beginning of january 2013 we welcomed the team of bonduelle and their guests for a customized eat’inspiration.

bonduelle commissioned us to create -how could it be otherwise- an eat’inspiration in which vegetables are leading. the result: the eat’inspiration a fresh view on vegetables (view/look has in dutch a double meaning. this word also refers to a tin can).

we created an eat’inspiration of 5 dishes in which for vegetables in both the savourish and sweetish dishes are the main ingredients. what kind of dishes were passing by. amongst others, there was a dish which revealed the essence of one specific vegetable, another one showed the talents of the combination chocolate & shallots, and a third one how the use of old and new cooking techniques can contribute to interesting flavour combinations.

the picture above showcases one of two sweetish dishes, namely greenhouse plants, in which tomatoes are the heroes. these tomatoes were preserved by us in the summer of 2012 with a special marinade to create tomatoes with a twist: 2 times the taste of summer in one ingredient.


foodstyling masterclass food fotografie canon

beetroot - strawberry - pink peppers created by de culinaire werkplaats for masterclass food photograpy by canon

on december 19, 2012, canon welcomed a select group of food journalists and bloggers for a masterclass food photography to get more grip on the difficult specialism of food photography, and to work with the next generation of the compact camera.

the food shooting went under the expert guidance of the dutch award winning food photographer remco kraaijeveld and canon product specialist, jip barth.

and… what is a masterclass food photography without photogenic dishes and eyecatching ingredients. for this part of the masterclass de culinaire werkplaats & cookstudio leeuw & merkx were invited. we have created 5 vegetable dishes and leeuw & merkx the fish preparations.

we were commissioned for this inspiring and educational event by urban gentry, a london based agency specialized in event management, corporate inspiration and insight experiences, meetings and incentives with partners all over europe. urban gentry was responsible for the organizational of this masterclass event.


eetinspiratie family.matters

eetinspiratie family matters voor produktieteam c1000 kookboek.

commissioned by ammerlaan styling & produkties we have created for the production team of the c1000 family cookbook an eat’inspiration inspired by family life & sharing and eating moments.

this resulted in a ‘joined breakfast’ as a sneak preview, followed by 5 courses in which amongst others the do-it-together and/or d-i-y aspect was present: celebrating new year’s eve, camping, gifts wrapping in & out , gaming, and last but not least having some ice fun. in other words: 5 fun things you can do as a family.


november 2012: press launch by yves rocher

coffee bites with white & green tea

on november 29, 2012 yves rocher has launced 3 innovative, vegetal skincare products to the dutch press: anti-age global.

we have  created a welcome cocktail of sauteed apple brunoise, cucumber, mint and apple foam, together with 6 dishes in which the colours green and white are leading. for instance white and green tea tiramisu, and pear with pearls of green olives.


portfolio: the taste of dutch design

dish inspired by the work of viktor & rolf, image by marjolein wintjes (de culinaire werkplaats)

from october 20 till november 30, 2012 we have presented the eat’inspiration design.matters?, an interpretation of 5 dutch design icons.

during the interpretation process, we not only reflected on the shapes, but also on the ideas, philosophy, oeuvre and in some cases also on concrete projects. We have tried both in form, presentation, taste, color, scent, and choice of ingredients to capture the spirit of the selected dutch design icons. meer…

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