project: a postcard from shanghai

the project a postcard from shanghai is an eat’inspiration based on a number of special memories and moments experienced during our trip to china and south korea in 2012.

we shared through this eat’inspiration not only our food impressions, but also our personal findings in 5 dishes. this project offered us  at the same time the opportunity to reflect on both our working experiences in an asian working environment and our findings on the asian eating culture.

in our book to be you’ll find a comprehensive reflection on our findings. the food memories in a postcard from shanghai are interpretations in shape, taste, texture, scent, colour, presentation, choice of ingredients, etc.

the souvenirs.

  • mr & mrs bund, a mixture of a night out with our commissioner, the signature dish of the restaurant mr & mrs bund, and the observation that champagne, caviar, truffles almost all over the world are embraced as icons for (financial) success.
  • moganshan, a weekend at an eco resort in the mountains of moganshan, where you walk among broad beans in the wild, where it intensely quiet and green, where we were introduced to a number of remarkable flavor combinations from the chinese cuisine.
  • shanghai laundry, in shanghai laundry is hanging outside anywhere you come, and sometimes it is hard to avoid the water drops. this impression resulted in the fact that our guests had to take down the “washing”.
  • sweet tooth, a tribute to the variety of sweet dishes in south korea, and the national tuber sweet potato.
  • the man in his blue pj’s, an eat interpretation of a situation we had at taikang lu, shanghai, where we observed for about 15 minutes a man dressed in his blue pyjamas pacing up and down the street while having a loud conversation on his cell phone.

the menu.

the images.

  • this eatinspiration will be captured in images somewhere  in march 2013.



fairtrade treats

on november 3, 2012, max havelaar organized a fair trade bloggers event. the kick off of this event took place at de culinaire werkplaats. especially for this occassion and the coffee/tea moment we created 3 sweet treats with fresh fair trade ingredients:

  • ananas croquettes with a dip of coconut;
  • marinated apple with a topping of avocado foam and caviar of applejuice;
  • wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and coffee with a dip of tahini.

this is already the 3rd time we host with pleasure an event of max havelaar.


31 okt 2012: the nethwork, think orange, grow green

we hosted a brainstorm meeting of nethwork, a cluster of 14 dutch horticultural companies supporting the sustainable development of the horticultural market in central america by sharing their complementary dutch horticultural knowledge, experience, technology, network and best practices.

the slogan of nethwork is: think orange grow green. meer…


4 sept 2012: senseo sarista, ‘n nieuwe kijk op koffie zetten en drinken

the assignment: create 6 different dishes for the press launch on september 4, 2012, of senseo sarista, a brand new way of making, drinking and experiencing coffee.

the 6 dishes had to match the various blends of senseo sarista: mellow flow, bright zing, pure explosion, bold burst, rich reveal and a blend free from caffeine but with a bite.

some years ago, douwe egberts and philips changed the world of coffee making with senseo, a kind of i-pad but for coffee. meer…


urban landscapes: eat the city

landscapes and architecture are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. it’s wonderful strolling through the town and have a look around you. meer…


raw. a forecast s/2013 where food & fashion meet

eatinspiration raw, the dish unique

the 3-days only eat’inspiration RAW is a color and texture forecast for summer 2013 and beyond ….. for fashion and food visualized in 5 dishes, and especially created for the summer 2012 edition of downtown amsterdam fashion week.

RAW encompasses a number -from our perspective- important trends that are becoming visible in various domains, and which reflect the various meanings of the notion RAW. we have translated a selection of 5 different meanings of RAW to 5 dishes.

these meanings are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and last but not least naturel.  the result a color + textures outlook for food & fashion. in keywords a short explanation: meer…


worldexpo 2012 – food narrative waterNLand

the netherlands presents itself at the world expo 2012 in south korea with a pavilion dedicated to the sustainable delta. the world expo 2012, is in yeosu, a beautiful city at the south coast of south korea. the central theme of world expo 2012 is: the living ocean and coast: diversity of resources and sustainable activities.

the food & beverage and hospitality concept of the pavilion of the netherlands is designed by DVP China Eventmarketing (DVP), which is also responsible for the shop of the pavilion. during the months prior to the opening de culinaire werkplaats worked closely with the team of DVP on a matching theme based food design.
our activities:
project information. meer…

drive to a different beat

drive to a different beat, an event hosted by bentley in shanghai (june 2012). the keywords of the overall event concept, developed and executed by dvp china eventmarketing (dvp), are:

  • the colours dragon red + black
  • transformation,
  • and drive to another beat.

together with dvp de culinaire werkplaats created a catering concept based upon these keywords. so all the canapés, the welcome drink and cocktails communicate individually the 4 main aspects of the event.

credit image: paul ridderhof.


‘blacker than black’ experience

in cooperation with edelman pr we have created a tasting of canapés for the blacker than black experience, they organized. it was a nosing and tasting for the press of johnnie walker double black, a smokey whiskey. the experience took place at the end of may on location in amsterdam.

we created 7 different noshes and nibbles which taste and texture wise are a good match for whiskey in general, and for the characteristic smoky taste of johnnie walker double black in particular.
the dishes individually emphasize different aspects of both johnnie walker black label and johnnie walker double black.
we used in addition as many as black ingredients as possible.
as the event took place in the dark, we have no images available of the tasting. but we can mention some of the used ingredients: vanilla, salt, coffee, various spices. also different textures were used to create an attractive match between whiskey & food.


april/mei 2012: garden landscapes

the eat’inspiration garden landscapes is part of a 3-part series landscapes & architecture 2012.

the result: 5 edible garden foodscapes which offer a possible perspective on the dinnerplate of the future. the 5 dishes  for instance are showcasing local and seasonal ingredients. and the garden landscapes also draw the attention to so-called forgotten vegetables such as buck’s-horn plantain, wild asparagus, violets. meer…

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