may 2018 issue: the new dutch masters by kevin eg perry for lonely planet uk

in the may 2018 issue of lonely planet uk you will find a story about the new dutch masters featuring 10 modern creatives who are changing the way we eat, live … and cycle. 

we are very proud to be one of those 10 new dutch masters. 

the words are by keving eg perry and the photographs are by matt munro.


january 30, 2018: table talk at

in december 2017 we welcomed georgina wilson-powell, founder of, for the eat’inspiration typical dutch?.

with the ‘typical dutch?’ theme we addressed in a playful way some typical dutch habits and ideas.

you can read about her experience here;

on the image:

  • a freestyle interpretation of the dish that addresses the so-called eleven cities skating tour fever.

certificate from luxury travel intelligence

we are very proud to share with you that de culinaire werkplaats received the above certificate for “exceptional service and attention to detail, delivering a five star experience” from Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), a review site by invitation only.


a selection of online reviews, mentions and other press articles


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NY times travel magazine: 36 hours in amsterdam

in february gisela williams, journalist for the travel section of the ny times, enjoyed the eat’inspiration light at de culinaire werkplaats. in the travel magazine of the ny times of april 17, 2011 you can read about her experiences: 36 hours in amsterdam


illustraties en meer van gontza largos

sometimes journalists or bloggers touch you with their interpretations and/or observations of de culinaire werkplaats.

in november 2012 gontza largos touched us with his beautifully illustrated feature on de culinaire werkplaats. we are impressed by his eye for detail.

his report is published on november 19, 2012, on the website of the spanish condé nast traveler.

click for the full report on the image or on the link: restaurantes ideados por gente con la cabeza muy bien-amueblada


specialbite jaargids 2012 – top 10 amsterdam

Landelijke top 10 en toplijstjes per regioin november has launched their  2012 edition with the 501 most special restaurants of the netherlands.

to our surprise de culinaire werkplaats is number 8 of the top 10 restaurants of amsterdam according to specialbite.  we feel very honoured.

click here for all the top 10 lists of specialbite for 2012 and here you’ll find the specialbite review of de culinaire werkplaats.


9 november 2011: puur restaurant week 2012 award ceremony

from november 14 – 20, 2011 it was pure restaurant week 2011 in the netherlands, previously known as the fair trade restaurant week.

de culinaire werkplaats is one of the participants of this restaurantweek and one of the 6 nominees for the award ‘the purest restaurant of nl 2012’. the other nominees are: aangenaam (haarlem), fifteen (amsterdam), merkelbach ( amsterdam), de veldkeuken (culemborg) and natuurlijk (egmond aan zee).

the jury report on de culinaire werkplaats:

de culinaire werkplaats combines sustainability and creativity inimitably. the entrepreneurs do everything to make guests feel and experience how great it is to elevate sustainability to art. (martine zuil, jurymember and chief editor misset horeca & catering).

to our regret we could not be present at the award ceremony. we congratulate all the nominees and the winner ‘natuurlijk’.

pure restaurant week is an initiative of, max havelaar and msc.


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef