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no-fingerprints by de culinaire werkplaats

in search of excellence is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. on the image: no fingerprints.

no fingerprints is a tribute to a the dutch master burglar Aage Meinesz (aage m.), well known in the 70ties for his well prepared bank robberies using a thermal lance. at the end he was caught, but managed to escape. and… to this day the world is figuring out how he managed to do this.

the eat’inspiration ‘in search of excellence’ is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘.

the inspirational theme ‘dutch masters’ was triggered by our project during museums at night amsterdam at the van gogh museum.
the notion ‘master’ refers for us to all kinds of talents, skills and types of excellence. so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different expertises.
so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different dutch master talents. the eat’inspiration starts with an eat’cocktail inspired by a dutch master burglar, aage m. the other masters we addressed: rembrandt van rijn (painter), rem koolhaas (architecture), iris van herpen (fashion design), marcel wanders (product design).

oct 27, 2013: ‘n 2e ontmoeting met nethwork.

on october 28 we received for the 2nd time a group of nethwork.

in 2012 we hosted a brainstorm meeting and a tailor made eat’inspiration think orange, grow green for nethwork. nethwork is a cluster of about 16 dutch horticultural companies supporting the sustainable development of the horticultural market in central america by sharing their complementary dutch horticultural knowledge, experience, technology, network and best practices.

this year we were pleased to welcome edwin smit  again. this time with a group of entrepreneurs from central america. the group consists mainly of growers of vegetables and plants, but agricultural education and research was also represented. all interested in the sustainable development of the horticultural sector and for a study tour in the netherlands.

we had an interesting evening, shared a lot of ideas and enjoyed the 2nd acquaintance with the nethwork. furthermore very happy to hear all the positive news about the progress of the project ‘the most sustainable nursery’.


may 24 – june 29, 2013: taste dutch architecture

flyer vitelotte noir in the shape of eye museum

are you interested in architecture or design? in that case our eat’inspiration eating architects is a must for you. you can do amsterdam in 5 dishes.

we offer you the opportunity to have a bite of one of the recently renovated amsterdam museums and experience the golden age meeting the 21st century, and what do you think of a portion of the royal palace of amsterdam on your dinnerplate? or do you prefer more modern monumental design like the byzantium next to the vondelpark designed by rem koolhaas? or are you more interested in expermental materialization? then you’ll like our interpretation of betondorp, an amsterdam neighbourhood known for its white concrete. or is ‘destiny unknown’ our interpretation of a very special and awarded project by rietveld landscape, an amsterdam based studio, more your cup of tea?

for the eatinspiration eating architects we have selected 5 projects, mainly situated in amsterdam, or the project is from amsterdam based architects. we try to capture the interpretation of the philosopy of the architect and the project in 5 dishes.

the practical details meer…


af weekend: taste the unwearables revisited @ hotel JL no 76 amsterdam

time flies…. in january 2013 it is again amsterdam fashion week. amongst the af downtown programma and the official catwalk shows there will be a special af weekend in the area: PC Hooftstraat, Jan Luijkenstraat, Van Baerlestraat, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Beethovenstraat, Museumplein on january 19 and 20, 2013.

installation. during this special weekend -and also during the remainer of the afw- in the lobby of Boutique Hotel JL no. 76 an installation created by de culinaire werkplaats will be exhibited.  it is a.o. a conceptual cradle to cradle dress of edible vegetable fabric, part of the project taste the unwearables revisited, a project in which food & fashion meet.

you’ll find Boutique Hotel JL no. 76 at Jan Luijkenstraat 76, it is one of the 4 Vondel hotels.

food = fashion. since july 2009 the food concept designers, marjolein wintjes & eric meursing, participate bi-annually in the downtown amsterdam fashion week programme with innovative eating specials and installations inspired by fashion and especially created for afw. their food = fashion projects varying from eat.patterns to colour & texture forecasts for fashion fabrics 20xx and beyond.

eat’inspiration. in january 2013 the restaurant section of the design studio de culinaire werkplaats will be closed, as the couple is working on a book, in which also a chapter is devoted to the question is food fashion? so … in january no food=fashion eating special, but instead a very tasty and innovative food=fashion installation @ Hotel JL no. 76.


urban landscapes: eat the city

landscapes and architecture are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. it’s wonderful strolling through the town and have a look around you. meer…


without eve & apple there would not be a fashion industry

without eve & apple there would not be a fashion industry…… and at the same this thought connects food & fashion” (marjolein wintjes)

for downtown amsterdam fashion week we created a 3 days only eat’inspiration RAW: a colour & texture forecast for fashion fabrics summer 2013 in 5 dishes. and at the same time a forecast for food.

RAW is not about raw food, RAW is a notion that encompasses various trends, a reflection of the Zeitgeist. the most striking features we have captured in dishes forecasting for future food & fashion. these are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and naturel.

the dish naturel features the meaning of naked expressed by the notion RAW. and naked reminded us of adam, eve, and apple.  so a dish was born, we translated naturel or naked in 5 different preparations of apple to illustrate apple naturel.

in other words: without food there would be no fashion.


april/mei 2012: garden landscapes

the eat’inspiration garden landscapes is part of a 3-part series landscapes & architecture 2012.

the result: 5 edible garden foodscapes which offer a possible perspective on the dinnerplate of the future. the 5 dishes  for instance are showcasing local and seasonal ingredients. and the garden landscapes also draw the attention to so-called forgotten vegetables such as buck’s-horn plantain, wild asparagus, violets. meer…


12-13-14 juli 2012: raw. where food & fashion meet.

take a bite of RAW. an unparalleled food = fashion forecast s/2013 and beyond… in 5 dishes. by the way, RAW is not synonymous with raw food or raw vegetables. but what do we dish up instead?

the main ingredients of RAW are roughness/unfinished, essence, reflection, trial-error, transparancy, , artisan, basic, roots, naturel, sweat & love, and unique/only copy.

at this very moment people and organizations are in the middle of re-inventing their relationship with nature, with their social environment and with themselves. we visualize this re-interpretation process and trend with the concept of RAW.

we have translated the most striking features of RAW to 5 dishes for you. the result: a color and texture forecast for  food & fashion S/2013 and beyond … which can only be experienced by eating.

it is already the 7th time that we created a culinary adventure for the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week.



june 18: national day @ world expo south korea

we are pleased to inform you that de culinaire werkplaats will be heading for south korea again for the 2nd time on june 14, 2012. together with the organization of the pavilion of the netherlands we will take care of a food experience to mark the national day of the netherlands during the world wxpo 2012 in sout korea, on june 18th.

the world expo 2012 takes place from may 12th – august 12th, 2012 in Yeosu, a beautiful city on the south coast of south korea. the central theme of this year’s expo is: the living ocean and coast: diversity of resources and sustainable activities. meer…

‘t nederlands landschap in 5 gerechten

in march 2012, we have launched for the 2nd time a 3-part series on landscapes and architecture. this theme is for us an immense inspirational source in our research process for new flavours, new textures, new combinations and new ways of eating.

we kicked off with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes.

landscapes and architecture is one of our most favorite themes.
in 2011 we focussed mostly on architecture in our food scapes. in 2012 our focus shifted more toward landscapes.

the process.

  • we have selected at random 5 typical dutch landscapes, each landscape inspired us in various ways. so the foodscapes are an interpretation in many layers. besides flavours, shape, texture, the selected ingredients often are connected in a special way to the landscape we explored.
  • we work process oriented, so we start at the 1st evening with an inspirational thema, the selection of 5 dutch landscapes, and a list of ingredients, during the month we develop in dialogue with our guests the dishes.
  • hereafter you’ll find a short description of the five dutch landscapes, some of the inspirational aspects and the main ingredients used.

the dishes.

savourish 1: drenthe’s moorland

  • inspired by blooming heather, megaliths and a famous quotation from the children’s book bartje by anne de vries which pictures a story about a pour farmersboy brought up in this specific part of the netherlands;
  • the main ingredients: black beans, red cabbage, piccalilly.

savourish 2: meadow landscape (see photo of the preparations of this dish)

  • the netherlands is a flat country with a lot of pastures/meadows, unfortunately nowadays usually empty, because the cattle is kept inside;
  • the main ingredients: hay, kale, celery, shallots, field mushrooms, gravy;

savourish 3: limburg’s hills

  • limburg (southern part of the netherlands)  is an area which we dutch often characterize by it’s hill, asparagus, beer, and kollerberger spelt;
  • the main ingredients: including salsify (nickname: poor man’s asparagus, and used instead of the asparagus limburg is renowed for as those were not in season), onions, black potato, parsley, and chateau neubourg (beer from limburg);

sweetish 1: city

  • the urban areas in the netherlands are growing fast and this affects the shape of the traditional dutch landscapes, it  is becoming increasingly urbanized. this urbanization raises the question ‘how to feed all those people’. a possible answer lies in urban farming;
  • the main ingredients, which we have used: black quinoa, figs, raisins, apple, mint.

sweetish 2: polder

  • outside their borders the dutch are known for their waterworks, and their excellent knowledge of creating polders;
  • the main ingredients: dried fruits in liquor  (we call this in dutch farmers’ girls), bitter almond cookie, waffle dough, sabayon.
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