water is one of our most favourite inspirational sources, as it is an extremely versatile theme. during the last 9 years we have approached ‘water’ from various perspectives. 

this year we address water again with the eat’inspiration dutch water works. and while we were browsing through our images we stumbled upon a humble tribute to the watermelon we made various years ago. it is part of a project to showcase that a watermelon consists of a lot of healthy nutrients.

in other words … a watermelon is much more than water only



portfolio: wishing well

an impression of a small food installation we created for the eat’inspiration water matters?

it’s a wishing well; a concept from european folklore describing wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. the idea that a wish could be granted stems from the idea that water had been placed there as a gift from the gods or housed deities, since water was a source of life and very valuable.


video: water.matters

water.matters from de culinaire werkplaats on Vimeo.

water matters – in search of the essence of water.

this short video is part of the activities in the context of the eat’inspiration water matters. this project is running from june 19th – august 1, 2015.

marjolein wintjes (iphone) + eric meursing (sound).


art & amsterdam by el mundo

video at el mundo online about art & amsterdam


[click for the video on the above image]

the spanish newspaper el mundo published online the following video: AMSTERDAM & ART, filmed & edited by alvaro leiva.

you’ll find studio de culinaire werkplaats at about 2:46 minutes. also on this video: the hermitage, the rijksmuseum, foam, the exchange hotel, and gallery leonie mijnlieff.


tv series on dutch design

on october 18th, 2014, a series of four films on dutch design premiered at tv channel culture. the documentary is created by the moscow design museum together with “museum” company and tv channel culture.

the following 4 episodes were broadcasted at tv culture:

  • traditions and modernity
  • experiment in design
  • design for society and government
  • design and the environment

showcasing the leading museums and design studios in amsterdam, the hague and eindhoven, and interviews with irma boom, maarten baas, kiki & joost, jurgen bey, marcel wanders, daan roosegaarde, iris van herpen and many others.

studio de culinaire werkplaats was part in this project.
you’ll find a report about our work at the end of the 3rd video  ‘design for society and government’  at 21:37 minutes.

earlier in 2014 marjolein and eric were invited by the moscow design museum for a lecture on the new luxuries of the dinner plate of the future and to present their eat’inspiration sign of the times (taste the new luxuries in 5 courses) which they especially created for this occasion and was presented to a selected group of museum directors and journalists.


90 minutes of frame #2: all the senses

Making of – De Culinaire Werkplaats from Frame Publishers on Vimeo.

ninety minutes of frame #2

  • february 13, 2014, the 2nd edition of ninety minutes of frame took place at pakhuis de zwijger, amsterdam.
  • the theme of this 2nd edition is all the senses.
  • 90 minutes of frame is ‘n live event and initiative by frame publishers.

de line up:

  • keynote speaker sissel tolaas, (scent specialist), florian richter (soundscape designer). claim to fame by jorge mañes rubio, and we presented a selection of our portfolio during the final item of this evening: the making of, and we had a small tasting for the audience.
  • last but not least: moderator jeroen junte, design & architecture critic.

live in de stad, at5

feb 7, 2014 de culinaire werkplaats was the venue for the live broadcast of ‘in de stad’ (in the city) by at5, local amsterdam tv.

marjan ippel, food trend watcher, presented her latest book: food lingo bijbel (food lingo bible), and eric and marjolein of de culinaire werkplaats talk about the dinner plate of the future, black food and the eat’inspiration sign of the times.

the interviews are in the dutch language.


dutchDesign 2013 – a video interview

Dutch Design 2013: de Culinaire Werkplaats from Dutch Design on Vimeo.

“i consider myself to be a storyteller and food is my material. i like to provoke questions. if you want to find solutions, then you first have to find the right questions. otherwise, you get nowhere. that’s what we are doing. it’s always about questions. the answers are of less importance to us.” states marjolein in a video interview

with a group of very enthusiastic students of the simon fraser university (sfu) in vancouver, canada. they were on a field trip in the netherlands researching dutch designers for their program dutchDesign 2013.

dutchDesign is an undergraduate field school and research program offered by the school of interactive arts + technology (siat) at sfu under the directorship of russell taylor, senior lecturer in design at siat.

dutchDesign is part of a larger research project that has been studying the same phenomena in Italy with the italiaDesign field school program since 2004. The most significant contribution to the field are the interviews conducted in the Netherlands with leading designers, thinkers, architects and design manufacturers. each year, the new team builds on the previous year’s research.


andrea wiegman interviews marjolein wintjes

at the end of the summer 2012 i had an interview (in dutch) with andrea wiegman, owner of second sight, a platform for trend research.

we discussed my view on tomorrow’s dinnerplate, food trends, how i got inspired by my trips to south korea and shanghai, and my worries.

mijn gesprek (translation: my interview) is an initiative of and empowered by 7ditches.


eetinspiraties: het geluid van zwart

a short movie about de culinaire werkplaats -a design studio and restaurant for contemporary food & eating concepts at the intersection of food and art- explained in terms of cooking sounds and one of its signatures: the use of black ingredients.
you can enjoy the black sounds of this clip better if you use a headset.

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