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de culinaire werkplaats has a very special relation with water. our first five water dishes, which we presented in august 2010, were awarded with the best benelux restaurant in 2011. we work on the dinnerplate of the future and water has a crucial part in the production and the preparation of foods. so if you eat, you consume directly and indirectly lots of water.

on march 22 it’s always world water day, so march is clearly a suitable time for the water issues we address with the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne?

water. seems in the netherlands often to be taken for granted. you only have to open your tap and you have gallons of clean drinking water at your disposal. this is not the case all over the world

the perspective. for the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne? we explore the issue of water scarcity and excess of water. and this perspective is the starting point to create five different dishes and several installations that expose the role of water in our lives in a playful way.

the dishes. the names of some dishes will sound familiar, but we approached the concepts from a new perspective. as the sneak preview we presented flatbread with “fake” water bombs. on the menu: a winter version of our interpretation of waterworks, the beach at low tide, a water.ballet, a piece of desert and a free interpretation of the climate change.

the images of the dishes, the explanation of the various layers of dishes and installations will be part of our book, which we are making right now.


march 8-apr 6, 2013: water, the new champagne?

water is often taken for granted, but is actually very special. water is also closely associated with the issue of scarcity and abundance. excess of water and water shortage are the inspirational perspective for the eat’inspirations water, the new champagne? a culinary adventure in 5 mouth watering dishes.

what kind of dishes will you find on your plate: a waterbomb as a sneak preview, followed by waterworks, low tide and a waterballet. we also have a piece of desert and a portion climate change. for the finishing touch we have completed this eat’inspiration with the matching cocktail “wishing well” and an aperitif “the tears of cleopatra”.

by the way, for de culinaire werkplaats water has a special meaning. in 2010 we were awarded the title best benelux vegetable restaurant 2011 with ‘n dinnerspecial of 5 water dishes, and last year we were commissioned to create 5 different waterscapes for the dutch pavilion of the world expo in south korea.

in our jubilee year we like to pay once again special attention to water being one of our most favourite inspirational concepts. march 22 it is world water day. the netherlands is hosting the international celebration of world water day. so march ideally suits for the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne. besides an eat’inspiration, we will be working in march on some small installations about water.

the practical details meer…


vooruitblik eerste maanden 2013

in 2013 there will be a large number of activities in our program ranging from eat’inspirations, installations, exhibitions to pop up eating specials & dining experiences, lecturers and… you will find us and / or our work a number of times abroad. england, italy and germany are already in our agenda. so … no lack of variety.

in september 2013 de culinaire werkplaats celebrates its 5th anniversary. therefore during this “jubilee” year we let pass all our most favorite themes, but of course from a new perspective.

a sneak peek what kind of eatinspirations to expect until july: meer…


may 3, 2012, on our way to world expo south korea

soon the worldexpo 2012 starts in south korea. the food & beverage, and hospitality concept of the pavilion of the netherlands is created by DVP China Eventmarketing, that also is responsible for the venue management and the shop of this pavilion. during the last months de culinaire werkplaats worked closely with the team of DVP China Eventmarketing on a matching theme based food design. the inspirational theme is water & land reflecting a dutch point of view. 2 eat’inspirations/food experiences have been created, and several food items for the shop.  the catering of the eat’inspirations and food items will be executed by a local partner, namely Holiday Inn Gwanju.

the worldexpo is held in yeosu (south korea) from may 12 – august 12, 2012. the central theme for this year’s expo is The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities.

on may 3 we will leave for south korea for the prepatory activities and the opening of the pavilion of the netherlands. on may 14 we will fly to china for another food related project.

please note: the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats will be closed from may 3 – 20, 2012. you are more than welcome to join us again for the eat’inspiration ‘garden landscapesfrom may 25, 2012.

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