limited edition eat’in experiences 2013

besides the almost monthly changing eat’inspirations we make this year so-called limited edition eating experiences. in other words, eating experiences for 1 or more days, some at de culinaire werkplaats and some at another venue.

so location scouting is a priority on our agenda. at this very moment we are looking for suitable venues for the themes silence and black.

furthermore we have planned a 24 hours eating installation on the day of the architecture on 23 june this year. to our regret we could not get the requested permits, so in 2014 we get hopefully new chances.

14-15-16 sept 2012: dinner.talks @ smaakexplosies

during the 4th edition of smaakexplosies, a cultural & culinary festival, we worked on project dinner.talks.

usually we chat quite a lot as we dine, we improve the world, we discuss the highlights of the day, share intimacies, and if dinner tastes really delicious we even swap recipes and cooking tips. but … often we are so noisy while we’re eating that the stories of you dinner most of the time are lost … so we thought it’s time to work on some dinner.talks, two interactive installations: black + colourful dinner.talks.

black dinner.talks meer…


drive to a different beat

drive to a different beat, an event hosted by bentley in shanghai (june 2012). the keywords of the overall event concept, developed and executed by dvp china eventmarketing (dvp), are:

  • the colours dragon red + black
  • transformation,
  • and drive to another beat.

together with dvp de culinaire werkplaats created a catering concept based upon these keywords. so all the canapés, the welcome drink and cocktails communicate individually the 4 main aspects of the event.

credit image: paul ridderhof.


‘blacker than black’ experience

in cooperation with edelman pr we have created a tasting of canapés for the blacker than black experience, they organized. it was a nosing and tasting for the press of johnnie walker double black, a smokey whiskey. the experience took place at the end of may on location in amsterdam.

we created 7 different noshes and nibbles which taste and texture wise are a good match for whiskey in general, and for the characteristic smoky taste of johnnie walker double black in particular.
the dishes individually emphasize different aspects of both johnnie walker black label and johnnie walker double black.
we used in addition as many as black ingredients as possible.
as the event took place in the dark, we have no images available of the tasting. but we can mention some of the used ingredients: vanilla, salt, coffee, various spices. also different textures were used to create an attractive match between whiskey & food.


literalicious: ‘n literair kookboek

last year we have cooperated with a book project literalicious: a culinary journey through a number of dutch novels and stories.

this literary cookbook is a project of koen de groote, lalito. koen has made a match between various dutch novels and restaurants and added to these combinations some beautiful images.

koen outlines amongst others his view on the dutch cuisine and he shows a number of careful observations, and he does not limited the dutch kitchen to top 100 an/or michelin star restaurants.

a limited number of autographed copies by author of literalicious is available at de culinaire werkplaats: € 34.95 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs. the book is only available in the dutch language. meer…


jan 20-28, 2012: the naturalists.

ever nibbled at a colour and texture forecast? from january 20-28, 2012, you can enjoy a one of a kind food=fashion dinnerspecial at de culinaire werkplaats. for the sixth consecutive time de culinaire werkplaats is one of the paricipating locations of the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week. This time we proudly present the naturalists.

especially for amsterdam fashion week januari 2012 we have captured the sign of the times in a colour and texture forecast for fashion fabrics and food for 2013 and beyond. the result the naturalists. a food=fashion expedition through 5 mouth-watering trends : neo romanticism, nesting, down-to-earth, new landscapes and ethnic chic. nature revisited in a food= fashion statement and a must for culinary adventurers and fashionistas.



19 okt, 2011: pechakucha night amsterdam #19

at a very cold october evening in roest amsterdam marjolein & eric have presented one of their ideas at pechakucha night amsterdam #19 bound by the world famous rule: 20 slides of 20 seconds each for 6 min and 40 secs of fame.

marjolein & eric presented: the last farewell of today’s dinnerplate: meet the blacks.

  • they start with a poem, a longlist of a great number of black vegetal ingredients to illustrate that the dinnerplate of the future doesn’t have to be anything but empty. and they wanted to share the idea that by eating dark/black veggies and fruits you all can contribute to a colourful future.

the other presenters of this inspiring evening:


the making of ….

koen de groote of lalito is writing and publishing a literary cookbook. every chapter is devoted to a novel and a matching restaurant in words and in food. so our homework for this summer was to read paralipomena orphica by harry mulish, a booklet loaded with amusing stories about death.

after the first meeting with koen, we said to him ‘count us in‘. the eat’inspiration was born in no-time. and we were looking forward to a photoshoot at a graveyard. as finishing touch the weather gods were very favorable.  at the day of the photoshoot, augustus 24, it was raining cats and dogs. and during the photoshoot the pouring rain was accompanied by some thunder and lightning.

here some images of the making of… made by rens spanjaard. the title is still a questionmark as koen keeps this a secret from us.


4 sept 2011: ‘t beeing diner – i love beeing festival

always wanted to know more about the bees? bees go from flower to flower. due to pollination of flowers bees contribute to the fantastic vegetables, fruits and beans we find on our daily plate. furthermore, honey bees produce on top of this delicious honey. meer…


15.06.2011: colour hunting

colour hunting: how colour influences what we buy, make and feel.

for millennia, artists and designers have utilized colour to express ideas and emotions in everything from the frescoes and textiles of ancient civilizations to the haute couture and digitally created architecture of today. colour plays a vital rol in our visual experiences and affects senses such as feel and taste, but it also shapes our actions subconsciously.

colour hunting, frame publishers, explores the very depths of the subject and is available at de culinaire werkplaats. price: € 49,90

the chapter ‘black stories’ reveals the gastronomic perspectives from de culinaire werkplaats.

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